About Us

We are scientists, engineers and creative business minds, working together to make distributed electricity generation a reality. The era of the internal combustion engine is waning and the world needs power systems that provide energy when needed with low emissions.

Upstart Power is are revolutionizing distributed power by harnessing the best of fuel cells, solar and batteries to provide long duration back up. Our fuel cell systems replace internal combustion engine generators in residential and critical communications infrastructure to improve reliability, total cost, noise and emissions.

Our Purpose

To produce low cost, low emission, dependable electricity at the point of use. Give us natural gas or propane and we will give you electricity, quietly, efficiently and reliably.

We provide market-disruptive Solid Oxide Fuel Cell generators that are cost effective, dependable, carbon efficient, and virtually silent.

Our products are specifically designed to cycle (many on/offs) and to operate only when needed allowing them to pair seamlessly with today’s solar and battery storage systems.